Allegheny Cemetery
Saturday July 12th
11:00 A.M. -to- 
4:00 P.M.
  Doo Dah Days

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Pittsburgh Today Live!

The Lawrenceville Historical Society is doing Pittsburgh Today Live to promote our new documentary Doo Dah Days! Musicians Nancy Egan, Tom Crytzer and William Lockard performed songs by Stephen Foster. Dan Simkins, (Pres. LHS) and filmmaker John Kirch joined host Kristine Sorensen to show clips from the film and talk about the project. This was shown on KDKA-TV (CBS in Pittsburgh), Tuesday morning at 9AM, November 23rd, 2010.

Doo Dah Days! on WQED!

Doo Dah Days!, the documentary film produced for the Lawrenceville Historical Society, was aired on WQED-TV on Saturday Night,  November 13, 2010 at 10 PM.  The film was seen on Filmmakers Corner, WQED’s popular independent film showcasehosted by Minette Seate.

The documentary examines the life and times of Stephen Foster using the atmosphere of Doo Dah Days as a backdrop.  It features music by The Allegheny Minstrels and Home Front as well as by Powers-Freeman-Berman, Tunnel Vision and others.  Doo Dah Days includes commentary by members of the Lawrenceville Historical Society:  Dan Simkins (President of LHS), Mike Murphy, Martha Ressler and Ellen Hunter Ulken, who wrote a biography of Foster called Beautiful Dreamer.

Filmmaker John Kirch is a seasoned professional editor and 27 year veteran of KDKA Television.  He has woven the material into a lively, hour-long exploration of the stories behind Stephen Foster’s songs.

The documentary includes videography by Matthew Day and Tony Balko.  It is narrated by KDKA’s Dave Crawley


DVDs Now Available!

The Lawrenceville Historical society is offering the Doo Dah Days!DVD for a donation of $20.00.  All proceeds will benefit The Stephen Foster Music and Heritage Festival (Doo Dah Days) ensuring it’s continuance for years to come.

Get yours today!

The DVD (or download) is available from Film Baby
DVDs are also available from Borders Books  (East Liberty and Pittsburgh Mills) and Paul's CDs and Dreaming Ant in Bloomfield.  You can also get your copy in Lawrenceville at The Wild Card, Jay Design, Espresso a Mano, T's Upholstry and Fresh Heirlooms on Butler Street; The Arsenal Cider House on 39th Street near Penn Avenue, Wilson's Drug Store at Penn and Main; and Caliban's in Oakland.

The Lawrenceville Historical Society, together with the Allegheny Cemetery Historical Association, is excited to present the 2011 Stephen Foster Music and Heritage Festival (Doo Dah Days!).

Doo Dah Days is an event that will celebrate the life and music of one the most influential song writers in America's history, while helping draw attention to the history of Pittsburgh B.C. (before Carnegie).

"Pittsburgh B.C." represents pre-industrial Pittsburgh, an era when most of the present city was largely rural and sparsely settled. Our goal is to hearken back to a simpler time when the twin cities of Pittsburg and Allegheny City co-existed along the rivers and where river boats were a common scene.

Stephen Foster was born July 4, 1826, on his family's estate, high on the hillside above the Allegheny River. This estate was located in Lawrenceville, which later became one of the largest, most historic communities in Pittsburgh. He developed a love for music at the age of three or four, and from that point forward there was no stopping him. Foster is considered by many to be the world's foremost composer, and is the only person to have written two state songs - "My Old Kentucky Home" (Kentucky) and "Swannee River" (Florida).

Today he is considered the founder of "Pop Music", and his works are played throughout the world. There are many books written on Stephen Foster, and the University of Pittsburgh maintains the Stephen Foster Memorial Center in his honor.

Among his most popular songs are: Oh! Susanna (1848), De Campton Races (1850), Old Folks at Home [aka Swanee River] (1851), My Old Kentucky Home, Good-Night! (1853), Jeanie With the Light Brown Hair (1854), Gentle Annie (1856), Beautiful Dreamer (1862), and The Voices That Are Gone (1865).

In celebration of Foster's birthday, Doo Dah Days will take place on Saturday, July 12, 2014 from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm. The event takes place in Allegheny Cemetery, the sixth oldest rural cemetery in the United States. We will have four folk bands, specializing in Stephen Foster era music, educational tours of Allegheny Cemetery (including Foster's burial place), costumed re-enactors and other outdoor activities. On hand will be food vendors and other organization tables.

Allegheny Cemetery
Historical Association

*Photos of Stephen Foster and White Cottage painting from: Foster Hall Collection, Center for American Music, University of Pittsburgh Library System